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New waste management facility opens in Magħtab

New waste management facility opens in Magħtab

Sant’Antnin plant in Marsascala stops receiving the grey and green bags as operations move to Magħtab   

A new material recovery facility at the ECOHIVE Complex has started processing recyclable waste, with the operation shifting from Marsascala to Magħtab. Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Enterprise Miriam Dalli and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Chris Bonett visited the new facility.   

The facility will be processing 40,000 tonnes of recyclable waste annually and separating different types of metal, cardboard, and plastic in an automated way so that they can be returned to the market as part of a circular economy. This will contribute to achieving the country's recycling targets.   

This €4 million investment also means that the Government is one step closer to fulfilling its promise to Marsascala residents to give back a stretch of land as open space.    

Minister Dalli stated that with this investment, both the efficiency and the quality of the sorted materials will increase significantly. This will help to continue to move towards a circular economy and more efficient use of resources.   

“This new facility will allow the processing of the grey and green bags to stop completely from Marsascala so that the land in Marsascala can be transformed into a green space to be enjoyed by the public,” concluded Minister Dalli.     

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Bonett said that the investment in this facility amounts to €4 million, of which around €1.45 million are European funds from the Cohesion Fund.   

“I am satisfied that WasteServ was able to carry out this project with the help of European funds. An investment that continues to show this Government’s commitment to the country’s waste management sector and will help strengthen the circular economy to continue prioritising the environmental sector,” stated Parliamentary Secretary Bonett.   

WasteServ’s Chief responsible from Circular Economy Daniel Tabone explained how the last phase of work is currently underway to open another new facility in Ħal Far which will be accepting bulky material such as mattresses, tyres, and wood to maximise the value of these resources. He also explained how the Environmental and Resource Authority approved the decommissioning plan of WasteServ’s facility in Marsascala.

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