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Press statement in relation to the May 2022 fatal accident at the Marsa Incinerator

Press statement in relation to the May 2022 fatal accident at the Marsa Incinerator

Reference is made to media reports alleging that a magisterial inquiry into a fatal accident at the Marsa Incinerator in May 2022 has concluded – on the basis of prima facie evidence – that the victim’s colleagues and WasteServ’s management personnel should answer to criminal charges for involuntary wrongdoing.   

This news was leaked to the press by lawyer Jason Azzopardi, who has taken it upon himself to leak select excerpts of a confidential magisterial inquiry.   

While neither WasteServ’s management nor the employees concerned are aware of the inquiry findings – and are unable to comment on the incident since legal proceedings are underway – the company wishes to make the following points:    

1.      The company’s management and employees steadfastly reject any accusations that they were responsible, even indirectly, for their colleague’s shocking death. Mr Ellul died as a result of an unforeseeable accident. 

2.      The company unreservedly condemns attempts by Jason Azzopardi to compromise its personnel’s presumption of innocence and distort the course of justice through an unauthorised leak, which will now see them subjected to a trial by social media. 

3.      The company’s employees were shocked and traumatised by the death of a valued colleague, Joseph Ellul. WasteServ has done everything possible to support the victim’s family and will continue to do so.

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