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Fire at Magħtab brought swiftly under control

Fire at Magħtab brought swiftly under control

Preliminary findings into this morning’s fire at Magħtab are indicating that a truck carrying mixed recyclables from the commercial sector unloaded material that was already on fire, WasteServ said in a statement.   

The fire, which erupted at 9.19am in the area designated for receiving recyclable bags (the grey/green bags), was swiftly brought under control within minutes by members of the Civil Protection Department.   

However, due to the combustible nature of the recyclable materials involved, namely plastic and paper, it took some time to completely extinguish the fire.   

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, and WasteServ is actively collaborating with the police. The suspected driver of the truck appears from CCTV to be fully aware that he was unloading material on fire and drove off.   

In the past, fires of this nature led to catastrophic consequences. It was only through a strong firefighting network supported by the best assets at the CPD that the fire, despite requiring substantial time to extinguish, was brought under control within minutes.   

We thank the CPD for their prompt assistance.   

This incident underscores the importance of properly disposing of highly flammable materials, such as batteries, mobile phones, and flares. WasteServ will continue with its educational drive in this regard.   

“We strongly urge the public to exercise caution when disposing of waste,” WasteServ said.   

All Civic Amenity Sites will remain open throughout the festive season, closing only on Christmas and New Year's Day.  

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