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We have noticed that a considerable amount of organic waste is ending up in the black bag.

It is for this reason that in this second part of the ‘Separate right, make our future bright’ educational campaign, we decided to put the spotlight on organic waste. 

General Buzz and Commander Yellow are once again lending a hand to make sure we all separate our waste the right way. These two superheroes have taken it upon themselves to protect the environment from all the waste the Garbage Monster is creating.  

Sometimes, unknowingly, we are too helping the Garbage Monster become more powerful by either being wasteful or not separating our waste.

Together we can beat the Garbage Monster

Why is it a problem? 

When organic waste ends up in the black bag it causes various problems.  

Firstly, it is a missed opportunity!
All organic waste that enters our facility is processed and treated in the Anaerobic Digestion Plant (AD Plant). Through this waste treatment process, biogas is naturally produced which we then recover and use to generate electricity. Last year alone, we generated 2.58GWh - enough electricity for around 500 homes. 

Secondly, black bags end up in the landfill.
When we throw food away in the black bag, this ends up in the landfill. It then rots and releases methane, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Methane has more than 25 times the warming power of carbon dioxide – a gas we usually associate with car emissions. Therefore, by throwing away food in the black bag, you would be contributing to climate change.

Confused about what items go in the organic bag? 
If you’re confused about how and what you need to separate, we invite you to download our handy Waste Separation Guide.  In this guide, you will find information on what goes in each bag as well as information about all the waste disposal services, we offer to households.  

Waste Seperation Guide

Want to follow the adventures of our superheroes General Buzz and Commander Yellow as they fight the Garbage Monster?

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