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Expired medicines are also classified as hazardous waste.  

You can drop off your old, unused, unwanted, or expired medicine at an authorised pharmacy. Here, you can dispose of loose or packaged tablets and capsules, bottled medicines, inhalers and medicinal cream tubes.  

Never take any biohazardous items such as syringes and EpiPen devices to a pharmacy. These must be disposed of in special sharps disposal containers and taken to one of our Civic Amenity sites.    

Before disposing of any medicines, be sure to remove all medicine packaging, information leaflets, and any plastic caps, cups or spoons. You can dispose of these in your green lid bin. Plastic inhaler casings should also be separated from the canister and disposed of in your green lid bin.  

You can dispose of any empty glass medicine bottles in your glass bin.   

Tablet and capsule packaging, as well as cosmetic items, must be disposed of in the black lid bin. 

Please select your locality from the list below, to see the list of pharmacies where you can discard your medical waste.

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Last updated on 17/05/2023

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